Maasvlakte Gasmeetstation has ample facilities for storage, cross-docking and assisting Customs with physical inspections. Our warehouse is both AEO and ISPM15 certified. From storage (ADR), transhipment to crossdocking, we handle it all.

Ventilated trailers

When the products remain steaming in the container or the goods have to be available quickly, there is the possibility to unload the goods at the warehouse. The products will be unloaded with personal protection. Gasmeetstation has 10 of its own specially ventilated trailers making it possible to tranship goods so that they can be at their final destination quickly. Depending on the substances and concentrations, different PPE can be used.


There is also the possibility to repack the goods or remove dunnage. These can provide better results on the gas measurement. Regardless of the method or type of gas contained in your container, the Gasmeetstation always looks for the most appropriate solution to get your products gas-free as quickly as possible.


  • Unloading with breathing protection

    If a container cannot be made gas-free quickly enough or if goods are urgent because they are for example leaflets, we can take immediate action and unload the container with breathing protection. This is possible at our Maasvlakte location, but can also be arranged in the country upon request.

  • Inspection NVWA and Physical checks

    In cooperation with the NVWA (Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority), various inspections can be carried out including on packaging wood (for natural stone, among other things) and on non-refrigerated foodstuffs including melamine, seeds and other merchandise. If it is a physical inspection (FYCO) at our terminal, Gasmeetstation will arrange the appointment with Customs and the gas measurement, so you no longer have to worry about this.

  • Storage & handling of dangerous goods

    Besides storing hazardous substances in containers (excluding class 1, 6.2 and 7), Gasmeetstation can also assist with storage in a PGS 15 warehouse, transhipment and repackaging of hazardous substances.
    substances. Gasmeetstation has 25,000 m2 of lead storage area.

More than just gas measurement

Gasmeetstation has more to offer than just gas measurement. Outside of our container depot, we also have plenty of opportunities with our shed.

  • Unloading with breathing protection and transhipment in specially ventilated trailers
  • Crossdocking
  • Performing physical checks
  • Storage