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Training and repetition is important to keep up-to-date with all developments

Would you like to know exactly what a gas measurement entails? Why gas measurements need to be carried out? And how it works? We offer awareness training courses on gas measurement, in which all the “INS & OUTS” are covered! In addition to these awareness training courses, we also offer more specialized training courses. Think of training in the field of MGK (medium gas measurer) and FTIR analysis (fourier transform infrared). If you want more information please contact us.


Specialist training on substances and in the field of MGK medium gas measurer).


How to make sure that warehouse personnel are aware of all dangers and risks when opening and unloading shipping containers. This is covered in our awareness training in which safety and awareness is number one. Together we draw up a program so that your employees become aware of the risks and dangers they may encounter while carrying out their work.

Active participation?

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    If your staff has actively participated in the training and/or awareness, they will receive a certificate as proof of participation.

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