Several types of treatments in relation to pest control are possible. Which treatment will be used, depends on the type of goods and the demands of the customer. We offer the following treatments:

• Heat treatment according to ISPM-15 (HT)
• Controlled atmosphere (CA)
• Fumigation with phosphine
• Fumigation with Sulfuryl fluoride


After fumigation with Phosphine you will recieve a fumigation certificate.

Wanneer geen behandeling?

A fumigation with Phosphine or BMSB treatment isn’t possible below 10 degrees celsius.


  • Sulfuryl fluoride

    In order to treat wooden products sulfuryl fluoride is the best solution. Officially treatment with Sulfuryl fluoride isn’t (yet) an ISPM-15 treatment, but accepted by many companies.

  • Controlled Atmosphere treatment

    When CA treatment is applied, oxygen will be extracted from the container. All insects, including their larvae and eggs, won’t survive when this treatment is applied over a longer period. This treatment could be combined with heat what will accelerate the process.

  • Heat treatment

    Many companies that receive containers containing wooden products demand heat treatment, because wooden products have to meet the requirements of the ISPM-15. The core of the wooden products will be heated up to 56 degrees Celsius for at least 30 minutes.

  • Phosphine

    In order to fumigate food or ingredients/components of foodstuffs we recommend the usage of phosphine. We will fumigate the container at our own terminal on the Maasvlakte. After this treatment we will degas the container and you will receive a certificate of fumigation.

Examples of heat treatments:
• heat treatment of boxes
• heat treatment of pallets
• heat treatment of wood
• heat treatment of containers
• heat treatment of dunnage
• heat treatment of packaging wood