Gasmeetstation has two sites of its own at Rotterdam’s Maasvlakte, and offers state-of-the-art facilities for gas measurement and the environmentally friendly (de)gassing of containers.

With space to vent as many as 96 containers simultaneously, this makes it the largest degassing location in the Netherlands. Another new feature is that containers for degassing are stacked three-high in racks with integrated degassing units.

Between deep sea terminals

Our terminals are right next to all major deepsea terminals (APMI, APMII, ECT, RWG & Euromax) where we also have the ability to unload containers for you and offer the whole complete package.

Storage (NON) ADR

Gasmeetstation offers a total container storage capacity for over 1,800 TEU. Part of this is available for the storage of containers containing hazardous materials. There are many requirements attach ed to this and the containers must always be reported in advance with a DGD or MSDS. In addition, there are a number of exceptions to classes that may be stored; these are class 1, class 6.2 and class 7. Tank containers of non-hazardous and class 3, 6.1 and 8 can also be stored.


  • Gas measurement drive-through

    At the Maasvlakte depot it is possible to make use of a one-stop-shop, so that the container can be measured for gas immediately. Fast and efficient!

  • Degassing

    If the container is rejected, we have the option of removing the container from chassis and connecting it to ventilation. Based on the measured value(s), among other things, the re-measurement on the container will be scheduled.

  • Gassing

    Also in case of leakage in the container and cargo you are in the right place at Gasmeetstation. With our calamity floor we offer the possibility to store and possibly repackage the tank or container.

  • Breakbulk

    Gasmeetstation has more services to offer, such as transhipment of all types of (project) cargo / heavy cargo, including seaworthy securing of the cargo under our own management. Due to our location – a short distance from all deep-sea terminals on the Maasvlakte we can offer competitive rates and be very flexible.

  • VGM weighing

    By registering your coming for weighing by email, you are welcome to come by within our extensive opening hours at the time of your choosing. Besides weighing (export) containers, it is also possible to weigh a Flatrack or Open top with chains at Gasmeetstation.


We have listed all the advantages for you:

  • Between all major deep-sea terminals
  • Drive-through gas measurement
  • 96 ventilation slots
  • 24 reefer plugins
  • Two drive-through locations in Rotterdam