Gasmeetstation has more to offer including transhipment of all types of (project) cargo / heavy cargo, including seaworthy securing of the cargo in-house.
Our location a short distance from all deepsea terminals on the Maasvlakte allows us to offer competitive rates, as well as very flexible operations.

Expertise in lashing securing

At our Rotterdam depot it is possible to make good arrangements with heavy hauliers for flatracks / open top containers with overheight and/or overwidth.

Unique location

Due to our location, we have very competitive transport costs to and from the deepsea terminals.



    – Loading and unloading open top containers
    – Heavy goods up to approximately 25 tonnes unit weight
    – Long goods such as crates / boxes / tubes
    – Boxes / crates inside or with overheight
    – Covering the cargo with tarpaulins


    Because containers are on the ground, we can load and unload all common types of goods
    from containers. This includes (among others) the following goods:
    – Boxes / crates / floors / pallets
    – Long crates / tubes
    – Vehicles
    – Overpacked cargo & machines


    – Loading and unloading flatracks with boxes and crates
    – Vehicles / excavators
    – Handling up to approx. 32 tonnes unit weight
    – Flatracks with overheight / overwidth
    – Covering the load with tarpaulins
    – Seaworthy securing of cargo on flatrack